The constituents of the 190th district deserve to have a State Representative that is going to support legislation and programs that the community needs to thrive.

Amen has listened and heard that the constituents of the 190th district want safe communities, thriving small businesses, quality housing, a better school system, and overall access to resources that support a healthy quality of life.

Amen wants to work together with the community to make it all a reality. He wants to restore the focus of the district to the people, making the community self sustainable.

The people of the 190th legislative district are the core and cannot be overlooked. The people have been lacking authentic representation - and, it’s time to rebuild. Amen knows that the rebuilding process cannot happen without the people. While solutions can be developed, the efforts will only be effective when working together with the community and making sure their voices are heard.

In making sure that the community voices are heard, Amen knows that he will have to spend time as a freshman elect to learn the ropes and to build relationships with colleagues, not just at the state level, but the local and federal levels as well. Spending that time to educate himself and make the needed connections, he will be able to bring back that information to inform the community on processes and what resources can be allocated by decision-makers at the state level - it allows for the development of strategic solutions for addressing the concerns of the people.

We want to make sure that the government is truly there to serve the people and focus on issues that are of concern to the people. We need to make sure that the community has: jobs where they are making livable wages, small businesses are thriving, youth are receiving a quality education, streets are safe and clean, food insecurity is addressed, and seniors have access to resources. Amen knows that there’s hope for change. And, while change will take a little time, he’s ready to be that change agent by making well-informed decisions as he represents his constituents.

In order to solve the problems of our community and rebuild the infrastructure, we must work together. And working together doesn’t stop at the community - we also need a State Representative who is willing to work across party lines, as well as all levels of the government, to get the people what they need. It is time to put the people first, before special interests and party leaders.

Amen is ready to fight for you and be the voice that the people need to bring about change that transcends generations. We will restore and rebuild, together.