Investing in education is important when it comes to one’s economic future and stability. In Philadelphia, approximately two-thirds of our children cannot read at their grade level. Amen believes that we must prioritize allocating resources to our youth to ensure that they have the tools and support needed to thrive. Considering tools and support needed to be successful, that means fighting for funding for books and computers, building maintenance so children do not have to learn in environmentally toxic spaces, early childhood programs, after school and enrichment programs, and more. A child’s access to quality education should never be dependent on income, race or their zip code.

By having a strong educational foundation, it allows individuals to provide for themselves and their future families. It is also important to note that investing in education does not just apply to traditional schooling. Investing in education also means investing in vocational programs, allowing for individuals to gain practical experience and technical skills.

Amen will work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to develop innovative ways to secure and maintain funding for education. Amen will also fight to make sure that teachers are getting paid what they deserve and receive the training needed to best serve the students.